Teens and Adults

Clubhouse is about growing relationships within small groups of children.  Teens and adults work with their group coming one day a week for a six week session.  This is not a stop in when you feel like it ~ it’s about being there for children with limited opportunities.  They count on you to care and guide them, even though they might not ever say this to YOU.  But they soo look up to you.

Training sessions are necessary for purposeful time with the children.  There is a training the week prior to working with the children.  It’s to build you as a team of helpers in knowing what you will do as you create activities or follow provided material in helping children dream dreams, understand math or just get along better with others!  Big things for little kids!  You can be a part of making a difference in a life of a child.

Give children understanding by…

  • Helping children understand life and faith, Mondays
  • Helping children with their homework, Tuesdays – Thursdays
  • Sharing a sport, art or community service opportunity, Thursdays at Troys
  • Summer days filled with field trips, swimming, community service and education days to prevent summer slide!

Become part of the 7,000 teens who have gained leadership and insight into who they are while impacting Clubhouse children since 1989.

camp sport volleyballIMG_1355megan osman woe 2015


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